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Feb 19, 2020 • Ulrike Jehle

Best experts are users! Therefore, we have started an online survey to learn more about the needs and experiences of people that have tested GOAT. The survey will be online during the entire duration of the mFund project and will support us in the development path. This will ensure a successful and practice-oriented development that will result in a comprehensive and useful tool.

The main part of the survey are questions about the usefulness and usability of the features provided (e.g. which features were used and how satisfied the user was with the results). We are working hard to make the tool more intuitive and user-friendly. Besides improving the front-end, we have several ideas to make GOAT easier to use (e.g. providing video tutorials or personal training). The answers to the survey can help us to develop the most desired methods.

Furthermore, knowledge about the user backgrounds can guide us in advancing GOAT in the most useful direction. Therefore it would be very interesting to us to learn, in which field you would like to apply GOAT. At the end of the survey, the participants can rate GOAT and name features that they would like to see in GOAT in the future.

welcome to the GOAT survey

If you like to support us in the development process of GOAT, we would appreciate your very valuable feedback on improvements and future ideas. We kindly invite you to answer this brief survey. It is available in English and German.